Tracklink Assy

Features: easy to manufacture, but fast to wear.
Process: forging /casting
Hardness Depth: 8-12mm
Material: 40Mn2 ,40MnB
Surface Hardness: HRC52-58
Warranty: 6 months
The integral track is a gear with meshing teeth on the track shoe, which tends to mesh with the driving wheels. The track shoe itself becomes a rolling track for wheels such as rollers.

The multi-purpose combination of excavators is characterized by small pitch, good rotation, and fast walking speed of excavators. long lasting.
The materials used for the track pads are mostly rolled plates with light weight, high strength, simple structure and cheap price.

There are several kinds of single tendon, double tendon, triple tendon and so on.

Most excavators use three bars. The characteristic is: the height of the rib is small, and the strength of the track shoe is large. Smooth movement and low noise.

There are generally four connecting holes on the track shoe, and there are two mud holes in the middle for automatic removal of clay. There is a lapped part between the two adjacent track shoes to prevent damage caused by sandwiching stones.

The excavator on the wet ground can use triangular track pads, whose cross section is triangular, which can compress the soft ground and improve the support capacity.

Undercarriage parts include track roller, carrier roller, front idler and sprockets, track shoe, track link assembly, applicable for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Volvo, Daewoo, Hyundai, Kato, Kobelco, Sumitomo, Samsung, Mitsubishi etc. We offer a large number of construction machinery spare parts for Excavator and Bulldozer, with more than 8 years of market expansion and win-win cooperation, our customers mainly come from in South- East Asia, Mid-East, South America and some East European countries.

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