Construction :
1. Nature Rubber and SBR compound mainly used.
2. Half hard cord construction, high strength , low stretch.
3. Polyester Cotton canvas.
Features :
High strength, Low stretch
Abrasion Resistance
Small matching tolerance
Fatigue endurance over 107 times

Classical V-belts are very commonly used for power transmission when synchronisation or timing is not required, V-belts make an excellent low-cost, quiet and efficient means of transmitting power.
They are primarily used in industrial drives, such as wood machinery, textile machinery, machine tools, mining, ceramic machinery,garden machinery. Classical Belts are recommended in special applications such as V-flat drives. These belts are advantageous where reverse idlers have to be used, because of the smaller thickness.
Product Range:
V Belt
Classical V belt
Banded V belt
Narrow V belt
Hexagonal Belts
Poly Rib V belt
Raw Edge Cogged V belt
Banded V belt cogged or not-cogged
Narrow V belt cogged or non-cogged
Variable Speed V belt

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