What Are Jaw Crusher Parts?

A jaw crusher is a piece of early crushing equipment, because of its uncomplicated structure, durability, reliable operation, smooth protection and restoration, and comparatively low production and production expenses. Consequently, it’s still widely utilized in metallurgy, chemical industry, constructing substances, energy, transportation, etc. Commercial zone. The jaw crusher may be used for coarse and medium compressive energy of numerous ores and rocks of 147~245MPa.

The scope of application of jaw crusher: for medium-sized crushing of numerous ores and bulk substances, it’s extensively used in mining, smelting, building materials, motorway, railway slag, water conservancy, and chemical industries. The most compressive electricity of the beaten fabric is 320MPa.

Jaw crushers are used in the mining and mineral processing industry to crush large rock particles. Jaw crushers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with fixed jaw plates and movable jaw plates being the most commonly used options.

Sandrock Mining supplies the main jaw crusher wear parts, such as jaw plates, pitman, cheek plates, toggle plates., etc
jaw-crusher parts

Jaw Plates

Fixed Jaw Plate

There are two types of jaw plates: movable jaw plates and fixed jaw plates. The force and wear mechanisms of these two different jaw plates are different. Normally, the impact force received by the movable jaw plate is bigger, so we need to consider the toughness of the movable jaws when purchasing. While the fixed jaw is supported by the frame, the hardness of the jaw needs to be taken into consideration.

Fixed jaw plates are the most important part of your jaw crusher, and they are made from high manganese steel. They attach to the frame of your machine and act as a support for all of its components. If you have an older model, it may be possible to find replacement parts for your machine at an authorized service center or parts dealer.

Since the jaw crusher is used to crush a lot of materials and its application scale is also wide, the raw materials of the jaw plate should be different for different materials to be crushed. If the hardness of the crushed material is high, the hardness of the corresponding jaw plate should also be high; On the contrary, if the hardness of the material is low, the hardness of the jaw plate can be common.
When choosing the raw materials for the jaw plate, in addition to thinking about the hardness and toughness, it’s still necessary to consider the price and try to buy the jaw plates with high quality and low price.

You can also purchase individual pieces if needed; however, these will typically only be available through select dealers with specialized expertise in this area (Sandrock Mining).


The pitman is the main moving part in a jaw crusher, which forms the moving side of the jaw.

A jaw crusher pitman has two supporting points for supporting it in the body of the jaw crusher, the upper supporting parts of the pitman consist of a flywheel and an eccentric shaft. And the lower supporting parts consist of a toggle plate, toggle seat, and tension rod.

The pitman achieves its movement through the rotation of the eccentric shaft so that the jaw plate fixed on it can crush the materials, just like the lower jaw chewing food.
Jaw Pitman

Cheek Plate

Check Plates

Jaw plates are the plates that fit around the jaws of a jaw crusher. They protect against wear and damage, as well as provide a secure mounting point for other parts of your machine.

Cheek plates are made from steel and are typically replaced when they become worn or when their length becomes too short.

Toggle Plate

The toggle plate is the part of the jaw crusher that moves the jaws. 

The toggle rod connects to this component, and it can be adjusted to change how much pressure is applied when crushing material.
Toggle Plates

Jaw crusher parts need to be replaced regularly to keep the machine running smoothly.

It’s crucial to keep Jaw Crushers running smoothly. Jaw crusher parts wear out over time and must be replaced regularly, or more often if you use the machine more than usual.

Jaw crushers are one of the most common crushers in the industry today. They have a variety of applications and can be used for crushing all kinds of materials including rock, concrete, sand, gravel, and so on. The jaw plate is the main part that makes contact with the material being crushed when it enters the machine; this plate needs to be replaced regularly to ensure that your jaw crusher continues to operate smoothly. If you do not want to invest in new parts every time your jaw plate needs replacement then consider having a professional technician come out from time to time for an inspection or maintenance service on an annual basis instead!

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